I'm going to hook you up with this package for the low low price of only:


I have put together this coaching package which includes:

  • A constant and consistent brand analysis (what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong).
  • A weekly 30 minute consultation where i can communicate what you need to do and how.
  • Support at any moment with anything you are stuck with, any questions you need answered.
  • Introduction to a network of artists and producers who are valued, have fanbases and know how to handle business.
  • I will check in with you every day to see how you're getting on.


OK, i'm in, so how much?

My name is Daniel Scott, though more widely known as Esskimo. In only two and a half years i have built the music marketing powerhouse GetRichRapping.COM, which brings in over one thousand views daily. Off the back of that i've launched a product and service business which allows me to work from home and take life at my pace while making more money than i had ever made from full-time work.

While yes, this is worth hundreds because reaching the next level time and time again is worth that, if not thousands! I also know how expensive it can be for someone starting a business online to spare a lot of money. Thats why i've decided to make the price extremely affordable so i'm able to help more people achieve the success they are looking for.


Want to save some money?

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So What Is The Solution?

Thats right! I'm going to be your personal coach for only $97 a month! That means every week i'm going to make sure you are on your game, make sure you're doing what you're supposed to be doing. I'm going to directly help you to reach the next level, over and over again.

So click the button below to make your first payment, i will be in contact right away to schedule our first consultation. Here's to our future and working together!

Of course my ideas and work ethic have been able to propel me to this point. My strength though has been in simplification for others. I have an incredible ability to take a persons problems and break it down so simply that people can't understand why they didn't realise what they needed to do sooner.

Up until this point, the only service i have offered similar to what i am about to present to you is a consultation. Which is great, however my goal is to create real change in peoples lives and getting on a skype call once with someone isn't enough. In my experience while some people only need the one consultation to light the fire to keep burning, the majority soon slip into bad habits and end up back where they started despite me giving them everything they need to do to move forward.

Ok, that sounds good but i cant afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month for this...